Chancery Clerk

Summary of Office

The chancery clerk’s primary duties are within the chancery court. The chancery clerk also serves as the board of supervisors’ clerk.

Number to Be Elected

One per county.

Term of Office

Nominations for election to the office of chancery clerk are made via primary elections conducted by the political parties or via a petition of qualified electors. The general election for the office of chancery clerk is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of general election years. The chancery clerk is elected at-large for a 4-year term. The term of office of a chancery clerk starts on the first Monday of January after the election.

Criteria to Run

Must reside in the county and be a qualified elector.

Duties of Office

The chancery clerk is responsible for attending all sessions of chancery court and keeping all minute books in which records and directions of the judge and proceedings of the court are kept. They must record and preserve all land records recordable in the county. Such records include deeds of trust, mortgages, mineral leases, and plats of land surveys. The clerk also receives all bills, petitions, motions, accounts, inventories, and other papers and reports on behalf of the county. The chancery clerk serves as clerk for the board of supervisors and must attend all meetings of the board of supervisors and record the minutes of the board. The clerk is also responsible for preparing the docket of claims. The claims docket is a list of all claims or financial demands against the county.

Candidate Qualifying Forms

Mississippi Chancery Clerks Association 

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