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Sod Installation and Maintenance

Landscape Design for Homes of the Late Victorian Era (1860-1900)

Callery pear

Graduation Celebration! Graduating Senior Floral Design Ideas for the Professional Florist

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Annual Bluegrass Control in Mississippi Sod Production

L.A. Hybrid Lilies (Lilium longiflorum x Lilium asiatic) for the Farmer Florist

Gardening for Beneficial Bees in Mississippi

Cool-Season Bedding Plants for Central Mississippi

Nematodes in Mississippi Soybean

MHV Vegetable Gardening Award Application Instructions

Effects of Long-Term Drought on Urban Trees

Garden Tabloid

Forcing Cold-Hardy Bulbs Indoors

Curly Willow Wreath (Salix matsudana ‘Tortuosa’) for the Farmer Florist

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Integrated Mosquito Management

Mechanical Site Preparation for Forestry in Mississippi

Multiflora Rose

Interpreting Your Soil Test Report — For Homeowners

How to Design a Closed-System Terrarium