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The Plant Doctor: Watering and Plant Disease

  • Publication Number: IS1670
    Filed Under: Plant Diseases
    Publication Type: Publications

Pine and Magnolia Wreath (Pinus elliottii and Magnolia grandiflora) for the Farmer Florist

  • Publication Number: P3499
    Filed Under: Floral Design
    Publication Type: Publications

Control Fire Ants in Your Yard

Greenhouse Tomato Growers' Glossary

Managing Varroa Mites in Honey Bee Colonies

Considerations for Planting Longleaf Pine

Composting for the Mississippi Gardener

Celosia argentea var. plumosa for the Farmer Florist

Cockscomb (Celosia argentea var. cristata) for the Farmer Florist

Home Landscape Design

Microgreen Varieties for the Mississippi Gardener

Growing and Preparing Show Roses

Cottony Leak in Cucurbits

Poison Hemlock

How to Build a Salad Table

Glycerin-Preserved Foliage

Whitefly-transmitted and Yellowing Viruses in Watermelon and Other Cucurbit Crops

  • Publication Number: P3439
    Filed Under: Vegetable Diseases
    Publication Type: Publications