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Animal Systems

4-H Livestock Quality Assurance for youth producers will increase food safety awareness by educating youth producers about their role in this process and the importance of raising their livestock appropriately.

This program was formerly Beginning Poultry—Information to Help You Raise Your Own Backyard Flock. This program will provide the necessary tools to establish and maintain the health and welfare of a backyard flock of chickens.

Beef Cattle Basics is a hands-on learning opportunity covering the general basics of beef production for “new” farmers and/or youth.

Beef Quality Assurance will raise consumer confidence in the food supply by offering proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry.

Commercial Poultry Production Basic Overview will provide an overview of the commercial poultry industry to help the general public better understand the poultry industry from egg to plate.Commercial Poultry Production Basic Overview will provide an overview of the commercial poultry industry to help the general public better understand the poultry industry from egg to plate.

Master Cattle Producer will provide comprehensive training in 8 major areas for beef cattle producers who want to expand their knowledge base.

The Mississippi StockShow Pro: Livestock Marketing Strategies for Youth will teach youth how oral communication skills, proper writing ability, and creative thinking are important in marketing livestock.

The Poultry Avian Bowl Contest gives participants the opportunity to gain knowledge in different areas of the poultry industry. Through this team-based exercise, participants can demonstrate leadership, team building, and communication skills. The team with superior ratings at the state contest will advance to the national contest.


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The Poultry BBQ Cook-off Contest allows participants to demonstrate their cooking skills while also showcasing their public speaking ability. Through these demonstrations, participants grasp an array of knowledge focused on chicken meat and its impact on the poultry industr


The Poultry Chain Project gives participants a hands-on learning experience right in their own backyard. Throughout this 5-month project, participants learn poultry management skills and disease awareness, as well as other valuable life skills such as caring for living animals, budgeting expenses, developing a business, leadership skills, presentation abilities, and so much more. Eligible...

In the Poultry Egg Chef Challenge, participants learn about the economic impact of the egg industry. They also develop and demonstrate leadership and communication skills through cooking demonstrations and presentations. The state winner of this contest is eligible to attend the national contest.


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Poultry Hatch-Out is a week-long project with a science-based curriculum on poultry and the industry. This program is already in extensive use in schools throughout Mississippi.

Poultry Judging offers participants the opportunity to use USDA grading criteria and decision-making skills to judge ready-to-cook poultry products and live birds. State team winners are eligible to attend the national contest.


Safety Awareness with Equine will educate participants on general safety around horses and presents research-related data and information concerning helmet safety when horseback riding.


Target Audience(s):

Equine enthusiasts and horseback riders


Participants will learn:...

This training will educate small ruminant producers about the strategic control of internal parasites incorporating three tools: Anthelmintic usage, the FAMACHA System, and Pasture Management.