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4-H Youth Development

Participants will learn to recognize the most common aerial and ground predators of backyard birds and how to construct proper housing to prevent predators from gaining access to the backyard flock.

Youth groups, parents, and the general public will be learn about the proper safety equipment and techniques for ATV riding. Participants will learn proper helmet use/fit ATV riding, learn proper safety gear for ATV, learn proper riding techniques/behaviors, and discuss environmental concerns with ATVs.

Children in grades K-2 or ages 5-7 will benefit from this curriculum which will serve as a gateway to Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math through building and programming LEGO models.

This program will equip youth with health messages that help improve health literacy and lead to choices and lifestyle changes for a healthier Mississippi.

This program will serve as a gateway to Science, Techology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through building and programming LEGO Models.

The LEGO Club program will enable 4-H Cloverbuds to use the engineering design process through building with LEGO blocks, as well as to learn teamwork and communication skills.

This 4-H project for youth producers will increase food safety awareness by educating youth producers of their role in this process and the importance of raising their livestock in an appropriate manner.

4-H youth will learn about natural resources and related natural sciences by way of shooting, hunting, and related activities; enhance their development of self-concept, character, and personal growth through safe, educational, and socially acceptable involvement in shooting activities; learn safe and responsible use of archery equipment including sound decision making, self-discipline, and concentration; learn the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior; and be exposed to the broad array of vocational activities related to shooting sports. 

This 4-H program will teach the hunting discipline to youth. Participants will explore how hunting practices and traditions have developed, learn and discuss the origins of hunting skills and tools, understand the history of wildlife management in North America, learn the role of hunters in the wildlife management and conservation movements, learn the meaning of regulated hunting, and have fun while learning.

Instruction for youth, ages 10 and up, who want to learn how to keep bees and produce honey and beeswax. Participants will learn about personal protective equipment needed for beekeeping, how to order and size the correct beekeeping equipment from commercial suppliers, how to start and maintain colonies of bees during the first few weeks, and about methods for growing a beekeeping business for enterprise.

This Basics program is a hands-on learning opportunity that covers general basics of beef production for “new” farmers and/or youth.

This is a program for anyone with an interest in starting a backyard poultry flock, including young people involved with 4-H /FFA

This 4-H electronics event will serve as a gateway to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for children in grades K-2 or ages 5 to 7 through building and programming robots.

Want a preparation program that provides middle age students (grades 6 – 9) decision-making skills for investigating careers and college? This event is for you!

The purpose of the Dixie National Junior Round-Up Livestock Shows and Contests is to educate Extension Agents who will in turn train 4-H youth, parents, volunteers, and others as to what types of livestock shows and educational contests are offered during the Dixie National Junior Round-Up for the youth to show their achievement with their livestock project animals and to provide a platform on which youth are allowed to display their project knowledge in educational contests.

This Jr. program is a research-based, science education program based on the national 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program designed to improve environmental knowledge and behaviors in program participants.

FARMtastic will increase youth’s knowledge and awareness of the importance of agriculture and farming to their daily lives by using experiential learning techniques.

A Fun, Educational Program to Promote 4-H Activities teaches school children horse-related topics while at the same time promoting 4-H enrollment and involvement.

This program will create local and state experiential learning opportunities for participants ages 11 and above to engage with various aspects of foreign cultures and international systems.

This health program is a community health education leader training program offered through the MSU Extension 4-H program in partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and the UMMC/Myrlie Evers-Williams Institute.

KEYS will help youth understand how their county government operates, what their county government is trying to accomplish, how the actions of government affects their everyday life, and their personal responsibility to local government.

The Leadership Skills You Never Outgrow will teach skills in seven different areas: understanding self, communication, getting along with others, learning to learn, making decisions, managing, and working with groups. Series One is for grades 3 – 6, Series Two is for grades 7 – 9, and Series Three is for grades 10 – 12. Participants will learn about themselves and how to communicate, how...

This program allows individuals to be educated in 4-H youth, parents, volunteers, and others as to the variety of horse show classes offered, as well as educational contest opportunities for the youth to show their achievement with their horse project and to provide a platform on which youth are allowed to display their project knowledge in equine educational contests.

The Mississippi State Fair Livestock Shows and Contests will educate 4-H youth, parents, volunteers, and others as to what types of livestock shows and educational contests are offered during the Mississippi State Fair for the youth to show their achievement with their livestock project animals and to provide a platform on which youth are allowed to display their project knowledge in...

Livestock Marketing Strategies for Youth will teach youth how oral communication skills, proper writing ability, and creative thinking are important in marketing livestock.

This program is a comprehensive youth preparedness program designed for teens that includes Teen CERT (Community Emergency Response Team); an Add-On catalog that features technology tracks, career tracks, and CPR/AED certification; and a leadership and community service project.

MS 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association (MVLA) was established to support youth development through 4-H. Additionally, it provides adult leadership development through forums and conferences held throughout the year. MVLA members receive information on how to improve their 4-H programs and have the opportunity to network and share real-life experiences with other volunteer leaders across...

The Poultry Avian Bowl Contest gives participants the opportunity to gain knowledge in different areas of the poultry industry. Through this team-based exercise, participants can demonstrate leadership, team building, and communication skills. The team with superior ratings at the state contest will advance to the national contest.


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The Poultry BBQ Cook-off Contest allows participants to demonstrate their cooking skills while also showcasing their public speaking ability. Through these demonstrations, participants grasp an array of knowledge focused on chicken meat and its impact on the poultry industr


Poultry Biosecurity will assist small poultry producers that are typically not aware of common and reportable poultry diseases, which can have a severe impact on their flocks and on the Mississippi Poultry industry.

The Poultry Chain Project gives participants a hands-on learning experience right in their own backyard. Throughout this 5-month project, participants learn poultry management skills and disease awareness, as well as other valuable life skills such as caring for living animals, budgeting expenses, developing a business, leadership skills, presentation abilities, and so much more. Eligible...

This program will provide information on the most common diseases that may affect backyard birds, symptoms, how they are spread, treatment methods, and prevention techniques.

In the Poultry Egg Chef Challenge, participants learn about the economic impact of the egg industry. They also develop and demonstrate leadership and communication skills through cooking demonstrations and presentations. The state winner of this contest is eligible to attend the national contest.


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Poultry Hatch-out is an educational curriculum-based program that focuses on the importance of the poultry industry and its significance to the world’s food production. This week-long program consists of outlined lesson plans and activities as well as a live hatch of chicks throughout the week. For more information regarding participation in the...

Poultry Judging offers participants the opportunity to use USDA grading criteria and decision-making skills to judge ready-to-cook poultry products and live birds. State team winners are eligible to attend the national contest.


This event will focus on the composition of a balanced diet for backyard flocks and why a balanced diet is important to meat-type, egg-type, and dual purpose birds.

This course provides a Basic Overview will provide an overview of the basics of poultry production and keeping a backyard flock of chickens.

This youth preparedness program is an initiative designed specifically for youth ages 11 to 12 and their families in Mississippi.

Exploring Your Financial Future will provide youth with decision-making skills for investigating careers and college.

Love U 2 is a healthy relationships program that helps teens learn about issues such as dating and teen violence.

Safety Awareness with Equine will educate participants on general safety around horses and presents research-related data and information concerning helmet safety when horseback riding. This program is for equine enthusiasts and horseback riders. Participants will learn about the potential hazards and related safety issues with working with horses, and how to make decisions on safe practices...

Cloverbud youth will learn what it means to be in 4-H through programming stories in Scratch Jr.

This project will teach students in grades 3 to 5 about personal and family preparedness, local hazards, and basic coping skills.

This program teaches children the basics of preparedness and develops lifelong safety skills.

This course will describe how the cycle of life continues through the seed and that understanding the value of seed is the most important aspect of its survival.

Walk-a-Weigh will educate clients about different strategies to implement or improve nutrition and physical activity habits for themselves and/or their family.

This course will provide youth with an understanding and a basic knowledge of forestry and an appreciation of how forests benefit society.